Donation bins conveniently located across the city of Toronto


Andonis Artemakis

The Oasis Clothing Bank is one of the more visible community support initiatives started by Andonis Artemakis back in 2000 supporting the work and programs of the Oasis Addiction Recovery Society.

“I felt there was little recognition for the many barriers that are faced by individuals struggling with addiction. Addiction recovery support has fallen short in its ability to promote personal potential and provide hope to the vulnerable individuals in our society.” Despite his key role in the clothing banks inception and heightening of its profile, he will say “There are no awards, presentations or trophies for what we do. Everyone is part of something bigger than themselves. Our goal is to help people rebuild their relationship with themselves, their ability to function, to be gainfully employed, mend broken relationships and restore their faith. That’s a success story!” If the growth of the Oasis Movement makes him smile, the success of its participants finds him beaming. “To assist someone who is well, there is no accolade. To help someone who’s down pick themselves up – that’s an accomplishment.”

Donation bins conveniently located across the city of Toronto

Donation bins conveniently located across the city of Toronto

Oasis Addiction Recovery Society is a non-profit organization in Toronto. We provide post-treatment employment-focused programs for hundreds of people recovering from drugs and alcohol each year. We believe treatment for addiction must address not only alcohol or drug consumption but also social and emotional aspects of a person’s life.

Our work is largely supported by the Oasis Clothing Bank donation bins located across Toronto. We depend on individuals, communities, and local businesses for clothing donations. These donations raise funds and awareness, ensuring the ongoing support of the Oasis Movement.

Our donation bins are found at fire halls, community centers, Toronto Parking Authority lots, shopping centers, condominiums, and local businesses.

We are grateful to our supporting partners. We invite you to join the many respected organizations that lend a hand to this worthy cause. Please consider hosting a donation bin at your properties.

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